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COMINT Capabilities

Trusted Solutions Design & Service Provider

COMINT provides a broad portfolio of services and products that include computer service solutions design; program, talent, financial and acquisition management; operations support; and requirements reporting.

Computer Service Solutions Design

As a trusted provider of information technology solutions, we take pride in supplying enterprise-wide hardware, software and technical design, implementation, and support for our clients. Our framework is guided by requirement analytics, quality governance, and systems engineering to reduce costs, enhance our client's technology investments and increase the likelihood of the engagement's success.

Program, Talent, Financial and Acquisition Management

COMINT Systems Corporation is able to deliver premier workmanship through the expertise and performance of its high quality professionals. Staffed with a talented team of industry specialists in the areas of program administration, cost and budgeting formulation, resource planning and execution, we are able to support clien in every phase of the program lifecycle. Our engineers and professionals are highly knowledgeable, have advanced industry certifications, coveted security clearance levels, and extensive field experience to accomplish our client's mission.

Operations Support

Operational Support services are our hallmark. We continually expand our service offerings to accommodate the rapidly changing IT market and it client base. COMINT is continually recognized for its response and incident resolutions as well as . In addition, the company has established processes and systems to support clients at any lifecycle phase to ensure continuity of operations, and that quality metrics are maintained without any compromise to service requirements.

Requirements Reporting & Mission Assurance

Our clients can trust in our solutions design and support because we've built certified, reliable processes to ensure that real-time data is captured and reported regarding mission status. This comprehensive approach is achieved through exhaustive quality control, both in workmanship and in the detailed handling of client requirements. COMINT is committed to optimum quality and places a high level of importance on client relations, mission success, and innovation. Through this capability we deliver technical guidance, policy development, architecture design assistance, strategic planning as well as systems, hardware, and software maintenance support to ensure mission effectiveness.