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COMINT Systems Corporation Services

COMINT Services

COMINT Systems Corporation is expanding its products and services to accommodate the rapidly changing IT market. Expertise in a broad range of areas is a part of the Company's total service package, including Platform Migration, Help Desk Support, Network Cabling, Logistics Support, and Network and Operations Support Services. COMINT Systems Corporation has an outstanding record of client satisfaction both locally and internationally. Our clients consistently tell us our services have exceeded their expectations. The Company is recognized for providing fast telephone, email, and/or on-site response to requests for service, rapid fault isolation, and resolution. We have received accolades on many occasions for out-performing the OEM because our technicians were able to creatively correct problems previously unresolved by the OEM and other major players. We provide:

  • High level of client service
  • Service team with combined average experience of 10+ years along with continuous job training and job-related certification(s)
  • Cross training for each employee
  • Rapid Response to service requests, maximizing uptime, over 99.5%
  • Best Value Support maximizing client's dollar value
  • "Just In Time" Delivery Support and Service

Information Technology Services

COMINT Systems Corporation provides Computer Operation Maintenance support with both Time & Materials and Firm-Fixed pricing, as well as Indefinite Delivery—Indefinite Quantity. The following is a sample list of Information Technology services we provide:

  • Project Management
  • Network Infrastructure Design, Plan, and Implementation
  • VoIP, IPv6, and IT Security
  • Copper/Fiber Voice and Data Cable Plant Design and Installation
  • VTC Design and Implementation
  • Design/Implement Fault Tolerance Systems
  • Configuration and Integration Support
  • Provide ADP Facility Operations Personnel
  • Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance Support
  • IT Equipment Logistics & Warehousing
  • Information Technology Operations Support and Strategic Planning
  • Remote and On-Site Help Desk Support
  • Enterprise Managed Printing Service
  • Remedial and Preventative Maintenance
  • Fine Tuning System performance
  • Installation Move Add & Change
  • OEM Certified Warranty Repair
  • Web Services

Infrastructure Design and Services

COMINT Systems Corporation entered the cabling business in the mid 1990s to meet the growing demands of clients who required specialized cabling for voice and data communications. Providing professional, high quality cable plant design, installation and post-installation services in the NCR, we have extensive, in-depth knowledge of cabling. Cabling tasks require detailed logistics and warehousing "know how" since each job requires hundreds of miscellaneous hardware and "Just-In-Time" (JIT) deliveries. In addition, COMINT Systems Corporation maintains both of the Commonwealth of Virginia's Class-A and Class-C Contractor Licenses in order to meet and exceed State and Local Fire and Building codes, IEEE, and TIA regulations. COMINT Systems Corporation combines superior workmanship with high quality, cost-effective products to design and implement cabling systems that deliver reliability and performance of the highest caliber. We offer the following cabling support and services:

  • Project Management
  • Logistics Support including Warehousing and JIT delivery
  • Design of Structured Cable Systems, Premise Distribution, and Outside Plant Cable Systems
    • Category 5e Voice Cable
    • Category 5e and Category 6 Data Cable
    • SIPRNet (Closed Storage Solutions) & NIPRNet
    • Fiber Optic Cable
    • Physical Security Systems
  • VTC Design, Configuration, and Installation

Our engineers and installation technicians are highly trained and take responsibility for your network project from the Design phase all the way through Premise Wiring, Hardware Installation, Testing, Network Monitoring, Tuning, and Management.

Additionally, COMINT Systems Corporation provides on-site standby service and two (2)-hour rapid response with 24-hour, seven (7)-days-a-week coverage, including federal holidays.


COMINT Systems Corporation is a value-added reseller, systems integrator, and IT Support service provider. The Company

  • Offers the best value for technology products in the marketplace
  • Carries the most technically advanced equipment available
  • Provides JIT Delivery to Customer' doors, including inside the Pentagon, Federal Office Building 2 (FOB2)/Navy Annex, Navy Yard, Fort McNair, Fort Belvoir, and other secured DoD facilities
  • Provides unmatched warranty protection, above and beyond OEM warranties
  • Provides major manufacturers' authorized sales and service provider agreements
  • Provides clients with a comprehensive selection of systems, hardware and software
  • Procures equipment from an extensive line-up of major manufacturers, some of which include HP, Intel, Avocent, Nortel, IBM, and Cisco

Our System Integration and Information Technologies products and related support services include:

  • Complete systems, workstations, and servers Blade for Network Operations Centers
  • Complete storage device sub-systems, Fault Tolerant RAID Disk sub-systems, SAN and Archival Storage Devices
  • System Peripherals
  • Network Devices: Switches, Repeaters, Bridges, Routers, Servers, Concentrators, Network Adapters, and Network Cabling
  • Wireless Communications
  • Operating Systems and Software
  • Smart UPS

COMINT Systems Corporation is aggressively pursuing new OEM authorizations and OEM sponsored Training Certifications to expand its products and support services. New equipment sold by COMINT Systems Corporation is JIT delivered with an on-site delivery and warranty, which provides on-site support of products for at least three (3)-years and/or the contract period. COMINT Systems Corporation is backed by OEMs' warranties with parts provided by OEMs. The Company also provides maintenance services to those companies with which it has active contracts.